Why you’ll love using Contract Hound as your contract management software of choice…

7 reasons our customers choose Contract Hound over other contract management software:

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You can create automatic reminders. When contracts approach expiration and renewal dates, you’ll get a reminder sent straight to your email.

You’ll find Contract Hound is simple to understand and easy to use. Perhaps the biggest reason why our customers love Contract Hound is its simplicity. You’ll find Contract Hound easy to use, approachable, and accessible. You won’t need any kind of special training to use Contract Hound. Anybody in your organization will be able to easily use the software.

You’ll find your contracts with ease. Now you can store and organize documents in one easily searchable database. You’ll never have to worry when someone asks you for a file because finding any contract will only take a moment.

You’ll get an affordable price. Since you’ll get easy-to-use software, you won’t overpay for complicated features and extra bells-and-whistles you don’t need. Unlike some contract management companies, we don’t add unnecessary features just to charge a higher price. Sometimes, less is more.

You can add unlimited users for free. There’s no charge to add users to the software. So if you need to let someone use Contract Hound to view a contract, it’s easy to add them to the software for free. You will have full control over what they can access so that nobody will see anything they’re not supposed to.

You’ll get securely signed and approved fast. Do you need to manage and sign documents? Contract Hound has a contract tracking and workflow system to manage your contracts. You can use our DocuSign Integration to create legally binding signatures and contracts. You can do everything inside of Contract Hound from start to finish.

You’ll get a support team that’s responsive to your needs. If you want that local, small company feel, that’s exactly what you’ll find at Contract Hound. We are a small organization, and we like to know our customers’ names.

We made Contract Hound for small businesses that don’t need a complicated contract management system. Instead, Contract Hound is easy to use, approachable, and accessible to your needs.

You don’t need to take our word without testing Contract Hound for yourself. We’re inviting you to start using Contract Hound for free. We’re confident that after you open Contract Hound and start using it, you’ll discover that it’s the contract management system you’ve been looking for. We’re so confident that you’ll love Contract Hound that we’ll let you add your first 10 contracts free of charge.

Cady Gerlach

Cady Gerlach
General Counsel at Shelter House

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Contract Hound’s software simplicity was a high priority for us...

Contract Hound’s software simplicity was a high priority for us. I love that it’s easy to use, approachable, and accessible. The staff is responsive to us and it feels like they’re a small, local company that’s there to help you, even though they’re all over the world.

Contract Hound saves us at least 10 hours per month, on average, and 20 hours in the audit month. I value that time at $100-$200 per hour with the people who work on contracts. So Contract Hound to us is worth in the thousands of dollars per month.

It was important to me that the contract management system had a central location for all our contracts. If something were to happen to our senior leadership, no one would know how to put the pieces back together quickly to keep our services operational. We needed a central repository to make our contracts accessible to the right people.

The contact management system also needed to be safe and secure. I was glad that Contract Hound is on Amazon’s Cloud Server as it is secure and safe for our uses.

If Contract Hound didn’t exist, I’d be very disappointed to have to start over again with something that may not be the right fit.

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I’ve never had that fear of missing a file since switching to Contract Hound.”

Vanessa Rodriguez
Executive Assistant at Bragg

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For businesses overwhelmed by the endless complexity of platforms such as Agiloft, Coupa, and Great Minds, Contract Hound is intuitively designed and a simple to use alternative.”

Rob Marvin

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Contract Hound helps me stay on top of contracts, reduces my stress, and helps me focus on other things that matter.”

Carrie Vissers
Executive Assistant at Extremity Medical