How Contract Hound Keeps Your Files Safe and Secure.

Make your files easy to find in one secure location.

Your contract’s security is our top priority.

We understand that some of your files and contracts contain sensitive information. The last thing you want to worry about is a breach of confidentiality. Below you’ll see how we store and secure your contract’s data on Contract Hound.

You can be confident that whether you need to...

  • Grant access to select users.
  • Get a legally binding signature.
  • Store government contracts.
  • Protect financial data.
  • Keep any important information secure.

Contract Hound has you and your contracts covered.

Contract Hound’s datacenter reliability, in partnership with Amazon AWS

  • We store your contracts in ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified data centers. Becoming ISO 27001 certified is a 12-to-18 month process with certifications that cost up to $30,000. PCI certification keeps your sensitive payment card information secure. The PCI council was founded by American Express, Discover, JCB International, Mastercard, and Visa to maintain the highest payment security standards.
  • High availability locations, designed to provide 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability of objects over a given year
  • Regular backups
  • Designed to sustain the concurrent loss of data in two facilities

We designed and manage our IT infrastructure in alignment with the following security procedures:

  • SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS 70)
  • SOC 2
  • SOC 3
  • DOD CSM Levels 1-5
  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • ISO 9001 / ISO 27001 / ISO 27017 / ISO 27018
  • ITAR
  • FIPS 140-2
  • MTCS Level 3
Contract Hound AWS datacenter
Contract Hound Encryption

Contract Hound’s Security Protocols

We combine this with an infrastructure security guarantee that protects your documents both in-transit and at-rest.

  • Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) encryption for all data in transit
  • Full audit trails
  • Continuous intrusion detection
  • Best-practice IAM-based access control based on least-privilege access
  • Further security protocols (an outline is available on request)

Security is an important, but sometimes delicate subject. This page covers the fundamentals of Contract Hound’s security.

If you’d like more details or need special accommodations, please email our support team ( or request a personal demo. We’ll do our best to answer your questions, put your mind at ease, and serve your specific needs.

If your contracts are stuck in email, Excel, cloud storage, or a filing cabinet… Or you’re frustrated how complex your current contract software is… Then it’s time to upgrade to Contract Hound. You can preview Contract Hound by uploading 10 contracts for free, no credit card needed to sign up.

Cady Gerlach

Cady Gerlach
General Counsel at Shelter House

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“I was glad that Contract Hound is on Amazon’s Cloud Server as it is secure and safe for our uses...”

The contact management system we wanted needed to be safe and secure. I was glad that Contract Hound is on Amazon’s Cloud Server as it is secure and safe for our uses.

Contract Hound saves us at least 10 hours per month, on average, and 20 hours in the audit month. I value that time at $100-$200 per hour with the people who work on contracts. So Contract Hound to us is worth in the thousands per month.

If Contract Hound didn’t exist, I’d be very disappointed to have to start over again with something that may not be the right fit.