About Contract Hound

World class software for businesses of all sizes

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, driving innovation and employment. Yet they are at a disadvantage with the software they use to run their business compared to their larger counterparts.

We're here to bridge that divide.

Our mission is to deliver simple, affordable software that lets your workforce do more with less.

We pair our software with support that is responsive, friendly and expert. We believe in a tight partnership with support and development with an emphasis on customer fixes turned around in hours not weeks. We believe in going above and beyond to make that happen.

My name is Philip Reynolds and I'm the CEO and owner of ContractHound. I spent 11 years working at Workday, a HR & Finance software company that serves customers like Target, AT&T & Bank of America.

After 11 years of seeing software delivered to some of the biggest enterprises in the US, I left in 2021 to bring that knowledge and experience to businesses of all sizes.

ContractHound now has customers from the West Coast of the US all the way to New Zealand. Our customers come from a diverse set of industries including Healthcare, Local State, Tech & Non-Profits.

One thing all of our customers have in common. Their contract data is some of the most important data in the business.

We're proud to partner with all of them to transform how they've managed their contract data while also keeping it safe & secure.

Philip's Headshot

Philip Reynolds, CEO