Contract Management Software for Nonprofits

We know non-profits work every day to make the world a better place. We want to support you. Contract Hound offers simple, low-cost nonprofit contract management software.

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Right now tracking is just in my head. And in our executive director's head... And in her filing cabinet."

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What are work hours? That is a foreign term for nonprofit work. You do not have work hours!"

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Contracts are all scattered... It would be good to have a system in place for managing before they get too unwieldy"

Any of these sound familiar? We’ve spoken with many non-profits across various verticals, and these (verbatim) quotes come up time and time again.

It’s why we strive to make the simplest, easiest contract management solution out there – because we know that life in non-profits can be hard. Contract management shouldn’t be.

Contract Hound is dead simple non-profit contract management software, designed to simplify life on the administrative back end, so you can spend more time with your community partners, your team and your donors.

We’ll work with you, providing free concierge onboarding and phone support to get all of your contracts in the cloud in just a few days. So if you’re looking for a contract management platform that speaks your language, get in touch with us today.

Contract Hound for Non-Profits

We offer a 30% discount to all registered non-profit organizations. We’ll just need to see your official documentation to support your non-profit status.

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What official documentation do I need?

This will vary by country. US not-for-profit organizations can submit a a 501(c)(3) document, while UK customers can submit their registered charity number.

How do I apply?

Please contact our sales team using our demo booking page or by starting a trial, and let your representative know that you’re looking for non-profit contract management software. Our team speaks to not-for-profit organizations all the time, so they’ll know what to show you.

Once you’ve provided your documentation and been approved, we’ll apply the 30% discount to all future payments. We’ll also credit you for your first month’s payment if you’ve already made it.

How We'll Help

Concierge Onboarding

Free for all non-profits (normally $450). We’ll get all of your contracts uploaded in a few days, meaning you and the team can hit the ground running.

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45 Days Risk Free

On top of our 14-day free trial, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee for your first month. That’s 45 days risk-free, to make sure that we can work well together.

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Training For Everyone

Contract Hound includes unlimited users, and we’ll run a training session for your whole team free, to make sure everybody benefits from your new workflow.

All non-profits are eligible for a 30% discount on Contract Hound's contract management software standard pricing

The Features Our Non-Profit Partners Love

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Never miss a contract expiration, or other important date. Schedule a reminder, and we’ll give you a heads up before anything big happens. A timely contract review process is one of the best ways to save money – you can send reminder emails yourself, or other people, or both!

Picture of a cloud with an arrow signifying uploading to the cloud

In the Cloud, on the go

Your team can pull up contracts and other documents quickly, from anywhere. Use folders to segment different contract types, and custom fields to filter quickly on what you need. Non-profit work never stops, so our mobile-optimized interface makes it easy to work wherever you are.

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Team management

Your whole team has access — but you decide who gets access to what contracts. Who can view what, and who can edit what, is completely up to you.

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Save drafts (and supporting documents)

Keep track of supporting spreadsheets, documents or anything else alongside the primary contract. And when you need to make revisions, use our version control tracking so you know what's changed.

A Workflow

Workflow approval processes

Need to make sure the executive director signs off on that important grant proposal? Use workflows to create a simple approval processes which tracks approvals from the team.

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A customer support team that ❤️ non-profits

We know you're working hard for your causes – so we work hard for ours. Our contract management support team offers live chat support and resolves tickets within 24 hours (often much faster). We'll also provide best practices and training to get you started.