What Contract Hound does to make your life easier and get back more hours in your week.

Save time, decrease your stress, and increase your confidence. With these contract management system features.

automated reminders

You’ll never miss an important date with contract reminders & notifications

It’s easy to set reminders for when contracts approach their expiration and renewal dates. Plus, you can set up Contract Hound to send you an email before a contract expires. This helps you keep the contracts you need and avoid paying the wrong renewal fees.

contract approvals

You’ll find the docs you want when you want with contract search & organization

Organize your contracts in an easy-to-use, searchable database. Watch your stress decrease and confidence increase. Your contract management solution helps you find documents exactly when you need them. Every file you need is one simple search away.

individual permissions

You control who sees what with custom user roles & permissions

You want to give the right people access and ownership of their contracts. But you don’t want everything available to everyone. Contract Hound makes it easy to give select users read-only or editorial permissions. Nobody sees anything they’re not supposed to. And, you see who has access to each document.

mobile contract uploads

You’ll get simple contract workflows, a tracking system, & grant management software

Do you have a team that needs to review and sign contracts? Contract Hound’s workflow system makes it a breeze to keep on top of your contracts, grants, NDAs, and supporting documents.

mobile contract uploads

You’ll be able to sign contracts with ease using our DocuSign eSignature integration

Would you like to do everything inside our software? If so, check out our DocuSign integration. You’ll easily get your contracts signed in a secure and legally-compliant way. Once someone signs a document, everything will sync and save in Contract Hound automatically.

mobile contract uploads

You’ll get emergency-proof secure backup storage

Contract Hound automatically backs up your contracts. That means that everything is safe in case of an emergency. You can download any contract at any time and store it however you like — just in case. When you use DocuSign, you'll also receive an email from them with a signed document for your own files. This creates an extra layer of protection.

These six features are the core of what Contract Hound does to manage your contracts. This makes managing your contracts as simple, easy, and streamlined as possible. You can take a look for yourself by starting with Contract Hound for free.

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If you're someone that needs reminders about contracts and when they're ending, I recommend checking out Contract Hound.

Vanessa Rodriguez
Executive Assistant at Bragg