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Redaction: Definition, Example and Related Terms

What is Redaction ?

Redaction in the context of commercial contracts is when certain text,usually sensitive or confidential information, is removed or blacked out froma document before it's shared with others.

This process makes sure that the important parts of the contract are still visible, but the sensitive details arehidden.

In business, this is often done to protect trade secrets, personal data, or to comply with privacy laws.


  • Scenario Description
    Imagine a company is being audited and they need to provide contracts for review. But these contracts contain sensitive information like pricing details, intellectual property, or employee information. The company can use redaction to hide this sensitive information. The auditors can still understand the overall contract without seeing the details that are not relevant to them.
    A business is involved in a lawsuit and they are required to submit their contracts as part of the court documents. But again, these contracts contain sensitive information. The business can redact the sensitive parts of the contract before submitting it to the court. This way, they can comply with the court's request without revealing their trade secrets.