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Conceived: Definition, Example and Related Terms

What does it mean when something is Conceived ?

When something is 'conceived', it means that it has been thought up or created in the mind. It's like when you have an idea for a new invention or a plan for a project. This term isn't directly tied to contract law, but it's often used in the context of developing ideas or plans that might later become part of a contract.

Here's an interesting fact: The term 'conceived' is often used in the world of patents. When an inventor 'conceives' of an invention, they've taken the first step towards getting a patent!


  • Scenario Description
    New Product Development A company's design team 'conceives' of a new product idea, which then becomes the basis for a new project.
    Marketing Campaign A marketing team 'conceives' of a new advertising campaign, creating a plan that they will later execute.
    Business Plan An entrepreneur 'conceives' of a business plan, which they use to attract investors and launch their business.
    Event Planning An event planner 'conceives' of a theme for a corporate event, laying the groundwork for all the event's details.
    Research Proposal A scientist 'conceives' of a research proposal, outlining their plan for a new study or experiment.