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Comply: Definition, Example and Related Terms

What does it mean to Comply ?

When we say 'comply' in everyday language, we usually mean to act in accordance with a wish or command. It's like when your parents ask you to clean your room, and you do it - that's complying. But in the world of contract law, 'comply' has a slightly different, but related, meaning. Here, it refers to the act of adhering to the terms of a contract.

Imagine you and your friend agree to trade your favorite comic books. You promise to give your friend your Superman comic in return for their Batman comic. When you both exchange your comics, you're complying with the terms of your agreement, or in other words, your contract. If one of you doesn't hold up your end of the deal, then you're not complying with the contract.


  • Scenario Description
    Trade Agreement Company A agrees to supply Company B with 1000 widgets every month. If Company A delivers the agreed amount of widgets each month, they are complying with the contract.
    Service Contract A cleaning company agrees to clean an office building every week. If they show up and clean as agreed, they are complying with the contract.
    Employment Contract An employee agrees to work certain hours and perform specific duties. If the employee does this, they are complying with the contract.