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Complied: Definition, Example and Related Terms

What is Complied ?

When we say 'complied', it's like saying someone has done something they were told to do.

When a company or person agrees to do something written in a contract and then does it, they have 'complied' with the contract. This is important because contracts are how businesses agree on what they will do for each other. If one side does not comply, they can have trouble, like being taken to court or losing money.


  • Scenario Description
    A company, let's call them Company A, hires another company, Company B, to create a new website for them. The contract they sign says that Company B will finish the website in six months. If Company B finishes the website within six months, then they have complied with the contract. Company A is happy because they have their new website on time, and Company B might get more work in the future because they showed they can be trusted to comply with their contracts.
    A business, Business X, signs a contract with a supplier, Supplier Y, for 1000 units of a product. The contract states that Supplier Y must deliver the products within three months. If Supplier Y delivers the 1000 units within the three months as agreed, then they have complied with the contract. Business X will then be able to sell those units to their customers, and Supplier Y will have shown that they are a reliable supplier. This could lead to more contracts in the future.