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Compelled: Definition, Example and Related Terms

What does it mean to be Compelled ?

Being compelled, in everyday language, means to be forced or urged to do something. You might feel compelled to assist someone if they're in trouble, or you could be compelled by your parents to clean your room. In the context of contract law, when we say a party is compelled, it means they are legally required to fulfill certain terms or conditions stated in a contract. It doesn't necessarily imply the party is being forced against their will, rather they are obliged to adhere to the stipulations agreed upon by the parties involved in the contract.

Interestingly, a party can sometimes be relieved from their obligations in the contract due to reasons beyond their control like natural disasters, which in legal terms is known as "force majeure". However, in most cases, the party is compelled to execute their part of the deal as agreed.


  • Situation Compelled action
    Service provider in a service agreement They are compelled to render the services as stated in the contract
    Buyer in a sales contract They are compelled to make payment as per the agreement terms
    Supplier in a supply contract They are compelled to deliver goods as per the agreed timeline and quality
    Lessee in a lease agreement They are compelled to pay the agreed rent and maintain the property