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Commence: Definition, Example and Related Terms

What is a Commence ?

The term 'Commence' refers to the beginning or start of a particular activity, process, or agreement. It is commonly used in the context of commercial contracts to indicate the official start date or initiation of a project or business relationship. Commencement clauses are often included in contracts to establish the specific conditions and requirements for the commencement of the contractual obligations. This term holds significant importance for contract managers as it sets the timeline and triggers various obligations and rights for the parties involved.


  • Scenario Description
    Software Development Project: In a software development project, the term 'Commence' would be used to indicate the start of the project. For example, the contract might state that the development work will commence on a specific date after the signing of the agreement. This ensures that both parties are aware of when the project officially starts and can plan their activities accordingly.
    Construction Contract: In a construction contract, 'Commence' is used to signify the beginning of the construction activities. It may include specific requirements such as obtaining necessary permits, mobilizing resources, and starting the physical construction work. This helps ensure that all parties involved are aligned on the timeline and responsibilities for the project.
    Service Agreement: In a service agreement, 'Commence' refers to the start of the service provision. It could be the date on which the service provider begins delivering the agreed-upon services to the client. This ensures that the service provider and the client are clear on when the services will begin and when the contractual obligations come into effect.

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