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Ad testificandum: Definition, Example and Related Terms

What is Ad testificandum ?

'Ad testificandum' is a type of order that a court can give. This order is like an instruction or command that tells a person they must come to court to testify, or tell what they know, in a case. This is usually used when the person's information or knowledge is very important to the case. In a commercial contract setting, it can be used when there is a dispute or disagreement about the contract and the court needs to hear from the people involved to make a decision. The term 'ad testificandum' comes from Latin, where 'ad' means 'to' and 'testificandum' means 'testify'. So, it's like the court is saying 'you need to come to testify'.


  • Scenario Description
    Imagine you are a contracts manager for a company and there is a disagreement with another company about a contract your companies both signed. The other company thinks your company didn't do something it promised to in the contract, but your company disagrees. The case goes to court and the judge needs to hear from you, as the contracts manager, to understand what happened. In this situation, the court might issue an 'ad testificandum' order. This order would require you, as the contracts manager, to come to court and testify, or tell the court what you know about the contract and the disagreement. Your testimony would help the court understand the situation and make a fair decision.