What is a Contract Repository?

Contract Repository Filing Cabinet
Philip Reynolds
byPhilip Reynolds
January 26, 2024

What is a Contract Repository (or contract database?)

A contract repository is a centralized location storing all of your key contract data. As the volume of your contracts grow and people enter and leave the organization, managing your contract data becomes critical to running an efficient organization.

A contract repository is the go-to database that provides your staff with a unified view of your contract data. These can also be called document repositories or contract databases.

What are the benefits to a contract repository?

Centralized Access The key benefit of a contract repository, however you implement it, is a centralized source of truth for your contract data. Centralized means all relevant personnel across various departments can find and reference contracts without sifting through files and communicating with colleagues.

Improved Efficiency
By streaming the storage and retrieval of conrtacts, a repository significantly reduces the time spent on administrative tasks.

Risk Mitigation
A contract repository helps oragnizations stay on top of compliance making sure they can monitor contractual obligations and duties. Proactive alerting on key dates, renewals or expiries is an extremely desirable feature.

Having contract data lying around email, being shared in collaboration tools like Slack or Teams or sitting on users laptops can pose a significant risk. Contract data tends to be highly sensitive data which should be secured to relevant personnel only. Central management of the contract data allows for more corporate control of the data.

As organisations grow so do their contract volumes. Centralizing your contract data allows departments like legal, finance & operations to do their jobs more quickly and easily. It allows them to be proactive instead of reactive.

The contract repository maturity curve

Grade 1

Centralized Document Storage
Grade 1 in our ContractHound Maturity Curve is having a central location where your contract documents are stored. This might be a shared drive, on Sharepoint, Google Drive, Dropbox or a full blown contract management system.

When some of our customers first talk to us, their first job is to pull contracts out of email or off employees laptops in to a central location.

This is step 1
Grade 2

Centralized Management
Grade 2 in our ContractHound Maturity Curve is a contract repository offering centralized management features.

* Contracts are stored in a single digital location
* Contracts are granularly shared with the right departments and people in your organization
* Key data from the contracts are extracted allowing them to be searched and filtered for
Grade 3

Integrated Contract Lifecycle Management
In this stage, the repository is integrated with key contract lifecycle management capabilities. This includes

* Automated workflows
* Enhanced Search capabilities based on comprehensive metadata in the contracts
* Version tracking on each contract object.