Juro Pricing: What You Should Know

Philip Reynolds
byPhilip Reynolds
May 12, 2021

Juro’s contract management software claims to offer flexible plans to suit all business sizes. But as experts in small business contract management ourselves, we had some questions – so we decided to get some answers about the various Juro pricing plans once and for all.

As of May 2021, baseline pricing for Juro is charged per user and is split into four tiers: free, $59/month, $90/month, and an unspecified enterprise amount per month.

Juro pricing screenshot, May 2021

You can get updated pricing on this page.

Great: Juro has a free tier

Small businesses often want a free tier, so kudos to Juro for offering one. It includes up to 50 contracts too, which is pretty generous.

That said, we don’t think Juro’s free tier will work for most small businesses.

For a start, it’s limited to just one user. In our experience, a small business larger than about five employees will always need to provide access to more than one employee – so you’re immediately looking at the next plan up, Juro Lite.

Also worth noting is that the free tier includes just one template. Now, we’re a fan of free stuff as much as the next team, but few businesses operate with just a single contract template, so we’re going to chalk this up as fairly useless.

Most concerningly, free does not include renewal reminders. For many Contract Hound customers, reminders are the most used feature in their account. So, failing to offer this makes the free tier a no-go in our book. 

The free tier alsod moesn’t include audit trials or other useful document management features like gDrive or Slack integration.

The Lite Plan: Better, But Limited

Juro’s Lite plan is limited in three ways.

  • You can manage up to 500 contracts
  • It’s priced per user
  • There’s a maximum of five users

While $59/month sounds attractive for 500 contracts, it’s a much worse deal if you’re a team of five. Then you’re paying $295 for 500 contracts – and, you’ve no space to grow if your team size expands to six.

You do get some nifty new features which make this a strong upgrade from free – including unlimited templates, native eSignature, reminders, and better integration options.

Because of the above, we suspect most small businesses will plump for the Lite plan and just work within the limitations – and if you can do that, Lite is a good deal. You’ll get all the basic contract management software features, at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Just make sure you’re keenly monitoring who’s using the software, to avoid moving onto the Teams plan. Speaking of which…

Now, hold on tight. If you’re looking for more than five users, Juro starts to get really expensive. 

Juro Team: The Most Useful, And Most Expensive Plan

The Team plan includes up to 10 users and is priced at a whopping $90 per user.

What’s good is that we’re into unlimited contracts territory (finally), but if you’re a small business who can’t squeeze into the five user limit of the Lite plan, you’re now looking at up to $900 per month to manage those unlimited contracts.

On a positive note, the Teams plan includes a customer success advisor, OCR data extraction, and approval workflows and CSV exports (these are standard on any Contract Hound plan), as well as all of the features including in the Lite plan.

In our view, a price of $90 per user for simple approval workflows is pretty expensive for a small business, but we’ll let you judge.

At the top end, you’ve got a custom business plan, which is unlabelled (read: very expensive). This brings enterprise-grade features such as SSO sign on, Salesforce integration and a REST API. To be honest, we don’t think most small businesses need those things.

The Big Kicker

For small companies, Juro has one HUGE drawback:

🚨 Juro pricing is based on a 12-month plan as standard.🚨

We were stunned to read this, since modern SaaS companies normally allow for flexible month-to-month contracts. Juro doesn’t, and that’s why we think Contract Hound may be a better option for small businesses moving to the cloud for the first time.

Other things we like

We work extensively with non-profits, so we’re delighted that Juro offers a 15% discount. It’s not quite as good as Contract Hound’s 30% discount, but it’s a start.

Juro non-profit discount of 15%

The company also offers custom pricing for large deployments (pretty standard) and a reduced tier for startups, which is better than nothing.

Overall, Juro’s claim to offer a pricing plan for all sizes of business holds up – just about. It’s an expensive piece of software, adorned with bells and whistles, but if you think you need them, we wouldn’t quibble about the costs associated with the Lite or the Teams plan. Just make sure that if you’re looking for a simple piece of software, you consider other solutions (ahem) as well.

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