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Curtail: Definition, Example and Related Terms

What does it mean to Curtail ?

Curtail is a term used when we want to talk about reducing, limiting, or restricting something. In the world of contracts, it often means that the rights or obligations of a party are being reduced or limited. Let's say you're playing a game of soccer. You have the freedom to move around the field, but there are boundaries. You can't just run off into the crowd with the ball. Those boundaries 'curtail' your movement, they limit where you can and can't go.

Here's an interesting fact: The word 'curtail' comes from an old word 'curtal', which was a type of horse. Curtal horses were shorter than regular horses, just like how curtailing something makes it shorter or smaller.


  • Scenario Description
    A toy manufacturing contract The contract curtails the supplier's right to increase the price of raw materials without giving a 30-day notice.
    A music performance contract The contract curtails the band's ability to perform at other venues in the same city within 60 days of the event.
    A software development contract The contract curtails the developer's right to use the developed code for other clients.