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Coffers: Definition, Example and Related Terms

What are Coffers ?

Coffers refer to the pool of money or financial resources that a group, organization, or institution has. It's a term often used to describe the total amount of money available for use. Imagine a big chest in a pirate movie filled with gold and jewels; that's similar to what a coffer is, except it's not usually a physical chest but a metaphorical one.

It's interesting to note that the term 'coffers' originated from the old French word 'coffre', which means a chest or trunk. So, when you hear about a company's coffers, it's like talking about their treasure chest of funds.


  • Scenario Description
    Company Expansion A tech company might use its coffers to fund a new project or expansion into a new market.
    Charitable Donations A non-profit organization uses its coffers to support charitable causes and operations.
    Research and Development A pharmaceutical company might dip into its coffers to fund research and development of new drugs.
    Government Spending A government might use its coffers to fund public services like education, healthcare, and infrastructure.