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As amended: Definition, Example and Related Terms

What is As amended ?

The term 'As amended' is a phrase that is used to indicate that a document, usually a contract or a law, has been changed or modified in some way from its original version.

This could be due to a number of reasons - maybe there was an error in the original document, or perhaps new information has come to light that means the document needs to be updated. The term 'as amended' is used to show that these changes have been made, and that the document you're looking at now is the most up-to-date version.


  • Scenario Description
    Imagine you're a manager at a tech company, and you've signed a contract with another company to supply you with computer parts. A few months into the contract, you realise that you need more parts than you originally thought. You and the other company agree to change the contract to reflect this. The contract, now with the new order quantity, is referred to 'as amended'. In this example, the term 'as amended' refers to the updated version of the contract that now includes the increased order quantity. This version of the contract is the one that both companies are now expected to follow.
    In another example, let's say you're the owner of a manufacturing company that has a contract with a supplier for raw materials. The supplier recently improved their materials, making them more efficient for your manufacturing process. Both parties agree to update the contract to include the new materials. The updated contract is then known as the contract 'as amended'. In this situation, 'as amended' signifies that the contract has been updated to include the new, improved materials from the supplier. This amended contract is the version that both parties must now adhere to.

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